This steamer is a useful apparatus designed to perform dye fixation test, setting of printings by subjecting test fabric to superheated steam under the atmospheric pressure of 1 kg/cm sq. Basic design as model MINI-DRYER, owing the wide adjusting ranges regarding temperature, humidity, dwelling time.Since superheated steam is circulated in the air-tighsteaming chamber, even steam distribution is obtainable,in order to maintain uniform temperature, automatic temperature controlling device is provided. There are provided a needle valve and a fine pressure gauge at the steam and thereby the better reproductively. An additional heating is fixed at the entrance slit in order to avoid a formation of drop water. Special-designed pin frame can easy holds all types of sample fabrics, both woven and knitted, the tension is adjustable in length and in width. Automatic pin frame transport with pre-selectable dwell times. The machine all stainless steel manufacture and all interior parts on the chamber are made of SUS 316. One air duct with hand adjustment for top and bottom air.