The TQC Salt Spray Corrosion Test Cabinet is a reliable test chamber to perform accelerated corrosion tests on a wide variety of materials such as paints, metals, electronics etc. Simplicity of operation is guaranteed by an easy to understand control panel, with minimal operator intervention required. Good reliability arises from the uncomplicated basic design, coupled with the use of high quality component components.TQC Salt Spray Corrosion Test Cabinets are offered two sizes: 500L & 1000 Liters capacity. In each case great care has been taken to maximize the useable cross-sectional area, to enable a large number of samples to be tested at once , without compromising on good ergonomics. This results in a convenient loading height and its easy to reach back and bottom. The entire design is based upon a robust Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) construction, combined with other plastic materials, to guarantee a corrosion resistant finish and long life. Each version of TQC Salt Spray Corrosion Cabinet complies with the most popular international standards for salt fog testing, including ASTM B117, ISO 9227, DIN 50 021, JIS Z 2371.Inside the TQC Salt Spray Corrosion Cabinet, moveable sample holders are provided to accommodate the samples under test, at a convenient height. The TQC Salt Spray Corrosion Cabinets are floor standing and mounted on lockable castors.