Sedo treepoint is a world-renowned manufacturer of Textile dyeing process machine controllers.

Unique PLC with built-in HMI.  Modern dyehouses need to emphasize on efficient control of the dyeing process to avoid wastage on re-dyeing Sedomat controllers provide all possibilities.

For the best temperature /Time and Dosing profiles. Its program with the facility of Parallel function gives very intelligent control of the dyeing process and improves dyeing efficiency.

Sedomat controllers improve your RFT (right First Time) dyeing your dyeing process is repeatable will less variation in color.  The temperature profile is followed within 2-3 degrees Celsius. For batch Tracking, RFID sensors are enabled.

seamless Integration with ERP or other Dyehouses Management systems like Sedo Master is possible. Link to the Recipe management system and third-party dispenser is also possible.

Sedomat 1800 series and Sedomat 2600 is the cost-effective controller with 48 I/Os for small machines with limited controls.

Sedomat 550 and Sedomat 2800 are for a big machine like Stenters and heavy Jets with bigger LCDs (12”)

A new touch Screen series of Sedomat 8000 is a revolutionary product Textile process control. Sedomat 8000 comes with expandable I/Os.  Modular I/Os of 8 can be expandable to any number depending on the requirement.

The Sedomat 5500 is the most powerful instrument in the Sedomat controller family. With a large and easy to use touch screen the Sedomat 5500 offers high performance ideally suited for the automation of complex dyeing machines. Active parallel functions are virtually unlimited, reducing process time through optimized control of machine parts such as tanks and dosing stations. The ideal choice for a manufacturing environment, internet web browser technology running on the Windows CE operating system means the Sedomat 5500 can be controlled remotely from any PC on the factory network. Standard interfaces including Ethernet and USB make physical connection easy and simple. The modular I/O of the Sedomat 5500 is easily configured to match the exact requirements of all types of dyeing machine (yarn, fabric, jigger, dryer, etc.).