Technical Color Solution offers complete solution for textile color matching and fabric /yarn quality control equipment. All testing equipments follows the ISO and AATCC standards.We offer datacolor color management solution for textile and other color industries , datacolor is leading world color management in textile sector and many world sourcing  and buying stores are using their solution for uniform color  from concept to creation. We offer Q-lab weathering tester for testing fabric /yarn against the light and UV exposure. Q-lab is world leader in weathering and a vast installed base all over the world. We also represent Rapid textile continuous lab dyeing machines and M/S texttes tester for quality parameter testing of fabric andyarn. In dyehouse we are working with Sedo treepoint world leader in dyehouse automation. Their unique solution to textile industry not only target on efficient control but also taget to efficient use of resources and their planning. We Also represent Autofoam , a UK based company providing foam generators and applicators for coating fabrics. Autofoam is a world leader in coating solutions for textiles.

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