MORAPEX® is able to analyse and therefore control either raw or dyed material in minutes rather than hours, compared to standard methods. It can be used for textiles (woven, non-woven, knitted, yarn or fibre), paper and leather. Morapex® A is a compact test device for use in production that can operate up to 95°C and the Multi Liquor option is able to operate with a wide range of wash liquids. Unit is designed and optimised for use in production and works on a non-destructive basis. Morapex® S unit is a stationary unit with a broader range of features and functions. It can be heated up to 150°C and can work with all chemicals as an extraction fluid. This way, the Morapex® S can perform sophisticated evaluations including fibre separation, replace Soxhlet procedures, etc. These functions are in addition to the capability of the Morapex® A unit.