The Flex dye liquor control system checks and corrects the dye liqour prior to use in production. It also gives you a highly efficient means for the inspection and control of dyestuffs. Flex is designed for continuous as well as exhaust dyeing. In practice the Flex system enables a dye liqour to be checked in less than five minutes. The system bases its calculations on flexibly defined tolerance ranges to produce a clear pass/fail evaluation of the tested liquor. This allows quick and easy recognition of faulty liquor before the dyeing process and thus saves off-shade dyeing. If the liquor corresponds correctly to the recipe or to a sample reference liquor it is realeased for production. Otherwise the Flex system works out correction proposalsto put the faulty liquor right. In continuous as well exhaust dyeing the Flex dye liquor control system has proved to work excellently in daily use. Flex gives accurate results with the following dyestuff categories: reactive, disperse, vat, acid, metal complex, direct dyes etc. as well as combinations.