SedoMonitor is an entry level system for monitoring, administering, supervising and controlling machines equipped with Sedomat touch screen controllers from your desk. SedoMonitor will simplify your work. At a glance you will get an overview of all machines with details like batch status, program state, active batch, active functions, alarms and operator calls. You can sort/group by different criteria, view multiple alarms or show additional information in tooltips. Consult your history data including trend graph and all details. View or edit processes, treatments and additional programs. At the push of a button you can print this information, export it to different formats (e.g. PDF, Excel, ...) or send it by Email. SedoMonitor supports backup of process and history files for future reference and ISO 900x certification. From your desk you can work remotely on the Sedomat controllers as though you were in front of the machine e.g. start/stop/change programs, confirm alarms and operator calls, etc.